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Featured Works.

Black graffiti 

Inspired from his time in the military and the streets of Hong Kong and Seoul Barry paints from the depth of black paints with vibrant brush strokes and florescent colours from the streets.

First exhibited in a solo show in London Guild Hall in 2010 after a sponsorship by leading Welsh artist Andrew Vicari 'Triad series' all work sold on opening night to Premier Footballers and members from London financial world.

Latest work include the commissioned religious triptych The Birth, The Knowledge and the Sacrifice.




Inspired from his military duty in Asia, Barry biographically turns geisha portraits from his time in Korea, China and Hong Kong and from popular graffiti culture.


First exhibited in Sailsbury Museum in 2011 with Lady has Seoul..  Works went on to help win Barry the Armed Forces Templar award from the Secretary of Defence and a commissioned solo show 'Homecoming' in the Waterfront Gallery West Wales.

Latest Geisha works sold from popular Welsh art gallery in Tenby museum to collectors in Bristol and London.

Graffiti Nuevo 

Series of works from Barry's love of Paris and inspired by Alphonse Mucha, Henri Toulouse Lautrec and Gustav Klint his aims are to create contemporary works with roots in the art Nuevo movement through his graffiti techniques and layering.


Works by Barry have been turned into wallpaper for interior design backdrops and have been exhibited in Galleries in Wales, Midlands and London.

Latest works have sold in Bloomsbury, London as part of Barry's 2020/2021 solo show in the Brunswick Art Gallery.

Barry's works are also with renowned Trinity Fine arts gallery London, Cotswolds and Los Angeles further graffiti Nuevo works in Turner Fine arts in Birmingham.




Blue and Gold

Using many types of Blue and Gold materials from gold leaf to spray paint, Barry uses layers and graffiti text to build texture and a storyboard.

First exhibited in 2018 he has gone on to sell works in private collections through out the UK and USA.


London stops for no 1


Special commissions have given Barry's art form new challenges and no more so was the Borough market work post the terrorist attacks in London in 2017. After walking the streets and talking to the community from London bridge to Borough market Barry produced a intricate graffiti work that was presented to its owner by Barry and special forces operatives who responded to the event in 2017.

Now in private collection.


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