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Aretha & Rodin.

An engaging look at 2 very strong pieces from the idol collection.

Amazing Humans, BBC 3.

Barry left the military after 23 years of service. Having witnessed many soldiers suffer with PTSD, he spent his army pension setting up a gallery for veterans. Now, through art sessions, he offers solace and a safe space to those suffering with PTSD along with any other socially excluded members of the community.

Studio Session.

Take a look inside the workshop of a Welsh Artist, tucked away on the Pembrokeshire coast. 

Waterfront Exhibition.

One of Barry's first exhibitions held in his home county of Pembrokeshire. This event was opened by his good friend and mentor, the late Andrew Vicari. 

Studio Session No.1

A look at one of Barry's first studio sessions in Swansea, South Wales.

In The Footsteps of Gwen John

Barry visits the streets of Dieppe to retrace his family footsteps. 

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